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22 July 2017

What is the Ampleforth Society?

'A Society for all Old Amplefordians'

What is the Ampleforth Society? If you have ever asked yourself this question then read on. If you are an Old Amplefordian, chances are you belong to the Ampleforth Society!  If you left the College in or after 1996 and spent at least one year in the school, life membership has been automatically granted. If you left the College prior to 1996 you can join anytime.

Currently, the Ampleforth Society is undergoing something of a transformation. We are greatly increasing levels of activity which should benefit all members. If you would like to be actively involved in our clubs and events we would encourage you to get in touch and let us know your news. You can send us an email or ring us on 01439 766884. Membership is also open to any person who has given notable service to Ampleforth by invitation of the Trustees. 


The Society organises reunions, social and sporting events and each year in October the Ampleforth Society Weekend is held at Ampleforth. In 2014 the Society weekend was held from 17 - 18 October at Ampleforth and it was a fantastic weekend on all accounts, see a selection of photos and event write-up here.

About the Society

Ampleforth College is intimately linked to the monastic community and a vital function of the Ampleforth Society is to foster and intensify links which exist between its members and the Community. Below is an extract from the Society’s constitution:

'The objectives of the Ampleforth Society are to promote the Catholic faith and to advance education by:

-Fostering relations between members and other persons associated with Ampleforth Abbey and Ampleforth College.

-Engaging in activities which support the Abbey and College and advance the education of the pupils attending the College.'

The Ampleforth Society was established on 14 July 1875 and is registered under the Charities Act 1960 registration number 529626. A large proportion of the Society’s income is spent on providing bursaries.

The Development Office plays an important part in the administration of the Society and is here to answer any questions and queries.


If you aren't already a member of the Society and wish to join or if you would like to know more about the Ampleforth Society please contact us as soon as possible. Read more about how to join the Society here.

The Ampleforth Society Constitution

Please click on the link below to download a PDF of the Constitution as adopted by the membership on October 10 2015.