Ampleforth OAs

22 July 2017

The Society Weekend 2010

It was really lovely to spend some time with old friends, and see how things have changed at Ampleforth but also, in a certain way, it's all still the same. For me it was like a "coming back home".

It exceeded my expectations.The food was excellent and the welcome we received was very warm and with such good weather, the memory will take a long time to recede.

 What a memorable weekend! It was great to be back in the valley and seeing all the developments as well as catching up with old faces. I must say, the whole place looked immaculate and the dinner was superb - delicious food and great company!

Who attended the Ampleforth Society weekend 2010

James Aldous-Ball C83
Emma Atkin-Brenninkmeijer M09
Guy Bartleet D04
Wallace Beatty A49
Mark Blundell J08
John Edward Borrett D98
Charles Alexis Bouvier J06
Ed Brady W02
Maurits Brenninkmeijer D10
Paddy Brocklehurst B58
Weronika Buczak A03
Adam Budgen J83
James Butler EW09
Peter Cardwell O79
Michael Cave W52
Charlie Codrington M08
Hannah Codrington A06
Ellie Codrington M09
Michael Coghlan O65
Kevin Connolly E55
Jason Cozens B88
Lizzie Mary Cullen A04
Dominic De Suys T05
Francis Dearlove W57
Jeremy Deedes W73
Peter Dewar E60
Colin Dixon H69
Charli Dixon H03
Charlie Dixon H03
Dominic Dobson W77
Carlotta Donelli A02
Henry Doyle H07
Michael Dunne A46
Tom Fattorini O78
Sebastian Fattorini O84
Rodrigo Fenn-Torrente D10
Anthony Fenwick E53
Jo Finnegan M08
Freddie Foxley H08
Arthur French O51
Matthew Gibbs B70
Brian Gillow C45
David Goodall W50
Ed Graham T03
Patrick Green O49
Peter Griffiths B79
Michael Hadcock O48
Mark Hadcock O81
Emma Irven M10
Charles Jackson C58
Simon John W63
Daniel John W02
Jo Kirk A46
Thomas Judd W77
Emma Kendall B10
Lawrence Keogh EW08
Justin Kerr-Smiley W83
Paul King A55
Andy Kong C04
Louis Lassus C05
Jonathan Lawson C08
Bernard Lewis O63
Sarah Lisowiec A04
Jonathan Lloyd-Jones T09
Tom MacHale EW08
Philip Marsden J74
James McCormack C05
Quentin McFarlane EW06
Jason McGee-Abe B04
Michael McKeever W49
Will Moore T02
John Morton C55
Damien Mullen A97
Dominic Mullen O/A00
Jozef Mycielski O90
Henry Newitt D09
Tommy Newitt EW09
Felix Ng B05
Michael O'Kelly C45
Katie O'Kelly M10
Georgina Olley A05
Stephen O'Malley W58
Luke O'Sullivan B00
Shahbaz Pahlabod B65
Aidan Pennington A84
Mark Porter E80
Barney Price D61
Michael Price D53
Alexandra Reevey A06
Alice Reid A08
Paul Rietchel H65
Louis Robertson E00
Peter Rosenvinge O75
Patrick Scanlan B82
Michael Scanlan A55