Ampleforth OAs

22 July 2017

The Old Amplefordian Rugby Football Club was founded in 1985 and currently play on Saturdays in the Surrey leagues. We train in Battersea and share a ground with Reeds Weybridge in Surrey.

During the regular season we train on Wednesdays, and over the summer, we play touch rugby in Hyde Park weekly. We have a core of Old Amplefordians as players and committee members, and a very good social scene to accompany the games. Our website,, has more information.

We are always very keen to attract new players from Ampleforth, so if you are in London to work or study please get in touch. We recruited 20 new players last year, of which 5 had just left Ampleforth, so you won’t be on your own! Players of all abilities are welcome, as are non OAs in case you have friends looking for a club.

Club News

OA Rugby FC Contacts

Hon Secretary: Tom Foster (H99)

Adam Smith (D08)