Ampleforth OAs

22 July 2017


Stephanie Marmion (A10) is running an exhibition at the Oriental VisArt gallery at Moskpace in London, and is a solo exhibition of a contemporary Korean artist, Wook Heo.

The artist disassembles and reassembles painted media to create unique works that are neither painting nor relief. Through the reconstruction process his works form layers and colour fields that alter the meaning of his subject matter and encourage the viewer to analyse and find perspective in the many new layers of the work.

Whilst Heo’s technique remains the same, his subject matter has expanded to not only include cars, interiors and material elements associated with consumer society, but highly eroticised imagery of men and women.

The exhibition runs from the 25th January to the 7th February and there is a private reception today (Friday 27th) with the artist himself.

Find out more here.