Ampleforth OAs

22 July 2017

Recent Engagements

If you would like to have news of your engagement or marriage published on the OA website, please send the details to: Jane Pillow, Database Administrator at All new announcements added to the website will be published in the next printed Ampleforth Diary.

, Frederick Kisielewski (H07) to Flora Beaumont

Erris de Stacpoole (M07) to Matthew Inglis

Dominic Savage (D95) to Lindsay Bannerman

Frederick Bader (H04) to Katharine Villers

Tom Dales (D10) to Charlotte Brind

Thomas Leeming (H00) to Charlotte Garrett

Wayne Mak (C07) to Bonnie Wong

George Burnett (D98) to Rose-Anna Daukes

Giles Hill (B03) to Erica McIntosh

Robert Cronin (C11) to Sophie Thompson (M11)

James Burnford (J08) to Hannah Osborne

William Dawson (H06) to Georgina Church

Konstantin Werhahn (H03) to Laura Friederike Sasse

Edward Heneage (EW06) to Julitta Ward (M06)

Archie Alexander (E02) to Annie Bowles

Frederick Kisielewski (H07) to Flora Beaumont

Christian McDermott (D99) to Chelsea Margaux Cunningham

Benjamin Charrington (O05) to Rebecca Flower

John Critchley-Salmonson (E04) to Rebecca Owen

Thomas Spencer (E93) to Cara Griffiths

Sebastian Wade (B88) to Thalia Suzuma

Michael Sheehy (H85) to Rachael Arning

Peter McCann (O07) to Jasmin Wertz

Luke O'Sullivan (B00) to Olivia Herrenschmidt

Nicholas Outred (H06) to Harriet Edwards

Martin MacHale (W05) to Zinka Bozovic

Max Hilliard to Katherine Morris (A04)

Archie Reid (EW06) to Lottie Goddard

Louis Wallace (C07) to Lucinda Bryson

Robert Tyrwhitt (D05) to Anneke Hodnett

Benjamin Ainscough (EW06) to Rebecca Terry

Benedict Bishop (E98) to Stephanie Doig

Oliver Lamb (T00) to Alice Perry

Hector Tulloch (EW07) to Hannah Codrington (A06)

Alexandre Pearson (D04) to Helen Macdougall

Martin Tomaszewski (T97) to Georgina Christie

Felix Macdonogh (T00) to Hilary Saccomanno

Richard Scrope (E99) to Eliza Walker

Cyril Brenninkmeijer (H01) to Sarah Ffrench-Davis

Anthony Agnew (J00) to Julie Cookham

William Cochrane (E93) to Clare Gaskin

Thomas Solly (J03) to Sarah Meakin

Piers Osborne (J04) to Emma Crawley

Thomas Marks (O02) to Mlle Gaelle Claire

Louis Cozon (H06) to Katie Linsell

Piers (Alexander) Shepherd (C96) to Victoria Chapman

Jeremy Vaughan (J07) to Gabriella Cooke

Peter Lydon (J09) to Anna Navis

Edward/Ed Van Zeller (E05) and Emma Parker

Charles Wright (T02) and Lucie Collinson

Manuel Mauritz (H99) and Florence Sun

Herman Sequeira (T06) and Alexandra Lloyd-Smith

Freddie Woodhead (O05) and Lucy Finch

James Bowes-Lyon (E98) and Constanse Mjeldheim-Sandal

Bertram von Nesslerode-Reichenstien (J03) to Arabella Baring

Patrick MacDonald to Sarah Griffiths (A06)

George Stagg (W03) to Sarah Baillie

Moritz Schramm (C05) to Evgenia Ilyinskaya

Joseph Haworth (B04) to Kathryn Turnbull

William Parker (C02) to Sophie Barton

Oliver Russell (H00) to Charlotte Dunford

William Tilling to Zoe Fawcett (A08)

Oliver Williams (O02) to Sarah Manning

Philip Ockleston (J92) to Annabel Yates

Charles Willoughby (E04) to Isobel Summers

Phoebe Jackson (M07) to Thomas Prendergast

James Madden (E01) to Sarah O'Rourke

James Bentley (O06) to Rebecca Shaw

Dominic McCann (O02) to Maria Marigliano Caracciolo

Frederick Wyrley-Birch (O05) to Elisa Anastasi

William Hildyard (D05) to Phillipa Smyth

Crispin Sudell-Eccleston (T01) to Van Jain

Andrew Valenzia (C04) to Kim Wirth

Oliver Wallhead (C04) to Natalie Bower

Charlie O'Kelly (C07) to Katie Chambers (A07)

James Maskey (D01) to Charlotte Maclean

Simon Lukas (E01) to Lucy Stewart-Richardson

Harry Lesinski (J02) to Eliza Pollard

Emma Lomax (A04) to William Gallimore

Christopher Williams (W98) to Lucy Bowes

Gavin Williams (W04) to Emma Craig

Pablo Barrett (D06) to Natasha Vafadar-Isfahani

Alexander Frere-Scott (O01) to Lucinda Davies

Richard Forde (T99) to Daisy Ziegler

Roger Harle (C01) to Michelle Hunter

Henry Doyle (H07) to Sarah Wyatt 

Andrew Chamberlain (T03) to Caroline Holroyde

Tom McCallum (C04) to Charlie Eaton

Freddie Wright (EW05) to Faith Beeson

Frederick Cook (E04) to Elisabeth Barclay (A07)

Gregory Pawlowski (O04) to Llona Jelenska

Gavin Costelloe (D02) to Katharine Scott

Matthew Hicks (T08) to Krystyna Griffiths

Charles Villers (W04) to Caroline Hopkins

Benedict Bigland (J91) to Rebecca Atherley

Sebastien Marcelin-Rice (J93) to Isabella Stanley

Alice Warrender (A01) to Samuel Carter

Marcus Benson (B00) to Emma Callander

Thomas Ramsden (D02) to Zyvile Vilciauskaite

James Tussaud (E00) to Emma Readman

Alexander Montier (H99) to Emma Buxton

Thomas Healy (D97) to Maria Andronache

Robert Cooper (C03) to Lucia Kendall

Oliver Roskill (H99) to Sarah Renard

Angus Macmillan (W90) to Antonia Aldous

Anthony Arthur (J97) to Anabel Hudleston

James Scott-Williams (T02) to Flora Phillips

Edmond del Cassero-Nisbett (D00) to Amelia Simonow

Alexandra Sandbach (A02) to Thomas Graham

Tim Hallinan (H04) to Megan Rex

Nicholas Freeman (J03) to Kate Munton

Jamie Lesinski (J03) to Alexandra Ashby

William Tulloch (E03) to Jemima Shirreff

Miles Goslett (W93) to Priscilla Pollara

John Tigg (J99) to Emma Lacey

Ralph Wyrley-Birch (O03) to Emma-Kate Clevett

Henry Jones (J04) to Susi Preston

Laurence Fisher (C97) to Georgina Smith

Charles Pacitti (W99) to Charlene Mifsud

David Lydon (J04) to Lotte Larner

Guy Mankowski (B01) to Bethany Jane Fabian-Peacock

John Townsend (J73) to Jacqueline Petrie

Benedict Lorimer (W96) to Clare Cameron

Charlie Morshead (E00) to Louise Nicolson

Dom McAndrew (EW06) to Kathryne Johnson

Max von Habsburg Lothringen (E92) to Anabella Northcote

Luke Hawkesbury (O91) to Katharine Davis

Joseph Brennan (E03) to Amelia Savory

George Byrne (O00) to Teresa Morenés Bertran

Thomas Byrne (O98) to Beth Pearsons

Lucy Gosling (A03) to Charlie Major

Tony Ftizherbert (T03) to Louisa Marsh

Alexandra Reevey (A06) to Benjamin Derrick

Barnaby Tyler Smith (D97) to Holly Beeson - Wedding date 8th June 201