Ampleforth OAs

22 July 2017

Old Amplefordian Deaths 2017

Mass is offered by the Community on the notification of the death of an Old Amplefordian or a member of the Ampleforth Society. If you would like to notify us of a death please send your details to Jane Pillow on or telephone 01439 766854.

7 July

John Anthony Bianchi (D53)

22 June

Oliver Odner (B00)

8 June

(Gerard) Barry O’Donovan (B55)

31 May

Tessa Rushforth, wife of (Charles) Peter Rushforth (O57)

16 May

Harold Thompson (A53)

10 May

Peter Anthony Slattery (D44)

10 May

Michael Weld (O45), brother of Anthony (O42)

6 May

Henry Tempest (JH37)

24 April

Simon Fraser (O47)

5 April

Peter Drury (W51)

30 March

Harry Fitzherbert  (E91), son of Giles ( B53), brother of George (E92)

18 March

(Charles) Nicholas Perry (C53)

25 February

George Gretton (B71)

19 February

John Bland (A50)

Richard Hunter-Gordon (C72)

17 February

Niall Murnane (O47)

9 February

Samuel Thomasson (W74)

4 February

Patrick Poole (A54)

30 January

John Eldon (T54)

19 January

Thomas (Barrington) Barry Cubitt (W47)

18 January

Mark Fudakowski (D53)

18 January

(David) Wallace Beatty (A49)

16 January

Nicholas Parsons (D81)

13 January

Tom Leonard (D47)

10 January

Anthony Sheil (T50)

7 January

Anthony Walsh (E67)