Ampleforth OAs

22 July 2017

A school pack from 1915 to 1994, the Ampleforth Beagles is now run by a group of Old Amplefordians and local hunt supporters. A number of boys and girls at the College have continued to follow the pack since then and some have advanced to help control the pack. A Captain of Beagling and some Whippers-in have been appointed. With the Hunting Act of 2004 coming into effect in February 2005, the constitution of the pack was changed; the Ampleforth Beagles are only engaged in hunting which is recognised as being entirely legal. During the season, students travel out to meets across most of the North Yorkshire Moors.

Having started a rabbit from cover, the hounds initially pursue by sight, but when unsighted. they follow only by scent. If they are successful, the lead hound kills the rabbit instantly, before the whole pack eats the animal. We enjoy close and friendly links with local people across the Moors.

The Beagles also give boys and girls some experience of animal welfare through visits to the kennels and some local students help at hound shows during the Summer months.

You can view the Beagles Autumn 2015 newsletter here.

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