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Ampleforth 1914-1918

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Welcome to the Ampleforth 1914-1918 archive

On 11th November 1918, the first aircraft to land at Ampleforth landed on the playing fields in front of the 1st XI pavilion (pictured above). Flown by Basil Collison (OA15), he brought with him the long awaited news of the end of what would be known as the war to end all wars. Peace, once again, appeared to have been restored to the valley.

Our story, however, begins some time ago in the valley on the 4th August 1914; 100 years ago to this day, the news that Britain was at war with Germany was broken to the nation at 11pm. It is within the four years that followed that we unearth the stories and biographies of OAs on the frontline, explore life at Ampleforth, and share pictures from the archives as well as other contributions to make up Ampleforth 1914-1918.

Starting on 4th August 2014, Ampleforth 1914-1918 is an online archive facility to commemorate 100 years since the start of the Great War. The archive will grow over the course of four years, documenting important anniversaries and prominent dates, until it is completed on 11th November 2018 to mark the end of the conflict.

Contributions from members of the community, OAs, parents and friends of Ampleforth are most welcome. If you would like to contribute to Ampleforth 1914-1918, please contact the Development Office at the address listed in the left hand column.

Old Amplefordian Roll of Honour


25th September 1914

Ambrose Teeling (OA07), Lieutenant, Norfolk Regiment

12th November 1914

Reginald Barnett (OA04), 1st Royal Dragoons

24th December 1914

John Nevill (OA02), Second Lieutenant, Grenadier Guards

9th May 1915

William Heffernan (OA03), Second Lieutenant, Royal Irish Regiment

26th May 1915

Charles Hines (OA1892), Major, Durham Light Infantry

9th June 1915

William Sharp (OA05), Corporal, Royal Engineers

9th July 1915

Basil Wood (OA06), South African Rifles

6th August 1915

Cyril Ainscough (OA10), Captain, Manchester Regiment

11th September 1915

Leonard Williams (OA14), Lieutenant, South Wales Borderers

28th September 1915

George Hall (OA14), Lieutenant, Royal Berkshire Regiment

13th October 1915

Oswald Williams (OA02), Major, Monmouthshire Regiment

15th December 1915

Austin Hines (OA03), Second Lieutenant, Durham Light Infantry

3rd January 1916

Alan Clapham (OA11), Second Lieutenant, East Yorkshire Regiment

18th February 1916

George Oberhoffer (OA02), Private, Royal Fusiliers

31st May 1916

Sidney Punch (OA01), Surgeon, RN, HMS Indefatigable

28th June 1915

Francis Long (OA13), Second Lieutenant, Royal Field Artillery

1st July 1916

Jack Bodenham (OA07), Rifleman, London Regiment

1st July 1916

Raymond Calder-Smith (OA), Second Lieutenant, London Regiment

1st July 1916

Eldred Martin (OA14), Lieutenant, Royal Warwickshire Regiment

1st July 1916

Francis Whittam (OA), Second Lieutenant, Royal Lancashire Fusiliers

20th July 1916

Henry Allanson (OA04), Second Lieutenant, Suffolk Regiment 

8th August 1916

Leo Miles (OA06), Lance Corporal, King’s Liverpool Regiment

9th August 1916

Leo Fishwick (OA12), Private, King’s Liverpool Regiment

20th August 1916

Bernard Cadic (OA), Captain, Royal Garrison Artillery

15th October 1916

Vincent Narey (OA15), Second Lieutenant, Duke of Wellington’s

14th November 1916

Matthew Honan (OA), Captain, South Lancashire Regiment

2nd March 1917

Cyril Cravos (OA13), Second Lieutenant, Royal Flying Corps

25th March 1917

Peter Chamberlain (OA08), Engineer, Merchant Service

12th April 1917

William Liston (OA), Captain, Leinster Regiment

5th May 1917

William Dent Young (OA09), Lieutenant, Australian Contingent

9th May 1917

Marcel Martin (OA01), Captain and Adjutant, Royal Warwickshire Regiment

15th July 1917

Ralph Power (OA15), Lieutenant, 33rd Punjabis Regiment

17th July 1917

Richard Kernan (OA), Officer, HMS Innamincka

7th November 1917

Gerald Cloran (OA), Sub-Lieutenant, Royal Naval Reserve

23rd November 1917

Ewan Blackledge (OA15), Second Lieutenant, King’s Liverpool Regiment

30th November 1917

John Parle (OA02), Captain, MC, King’s Liverpool Regiment

17th December 1917

Francis Morrogh-Bernard (OA14), Lieutenant, Royal Munster Fusiliers

22nd December 1917

Joseph Buckley (OA07), Captain and Adjutant, MC, Rifle Brigade

9th March 1918

Edmund Byrne (OA10), Second Lieutenant, Welsh Guards

15th March 1918

John Macpherson (OA13), Lieutenant, Gordon Highlanders

20th March 1918

Patrick Duffy (OA04), Air Mechanic First Class, Royal Flying Corps

24th March 1918

Hon Reginald Barnewall (OA), Lieutenant, Leinster Regiment

10th July 1918

Herbert Redmond (OA10), Lieutenant, Royal Air Force

17th August 1918

James Barton (OA15), Lieutenant, MC, Royal Garrison Artillery

22nd August 1918

Pierre Vuylsteke (OA11), Lieutenant, Belgian Army

24th August 1918

Laurence Walton (OA02), Private, Royal Fusiliers

28th August 1918

Maurice Gerrard (OA17), Second Lieutenant, Royal Field Artillery

29th August 1918

Wilfrid Ruxton (OA07), Lieutenant, Royal Irish Regiment

2nd September 1918

Austin Darby (OA11), Canadian Contingent

18th September 1918

Bertram Hawkswell (OA13), Lieutenant, Royal Air Force

18th September 1918

Basil Smith (OA13), Second Lieutenant, South Lancashire Regiment

28th September 1918

Thomas McGhee (OA17), Second Lieutenant, Highland Light Infantry

28th September 1918

Wilfird Readman (OA07), Second Lieutenant, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment

3rd November 1918

Archibald McDonald (OA15), Captain, Lovat Scouts

8th November 1918

Luke Teeling (OA07), Captain, Royal Field Artillery